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The Honda Civic, celebrating its fortieth birthday this year, is one of the world's most iconic automobiles, famed for its reliability, a stylish and dependable companion for every drive and destination.

In March, the tenth generation Civic arrived on the roads to overwhelming acclaim, receiving review upon review that applauded Honda's efforts.

This is a radical re-imagining of the Civic formula, seeing the classic range energetically revitalised and rejuvenated with fresh, vibrant takes on every aspect of the vehicle.

This is a car that does it all, handling with elegance and verve, showcasing the latest in-car technologies for safety and entertainment, all fashioned with cool and dynamic élan.

What inspired the new look Civic?

When describing the thinking behind the new gen vehicle, lead designer Daisuke Tsutamori's poetic choice of words mirrored the philosophical reimagining the 2017 Civic epitomises: 'We knew that we needed to create a striking and stand-out exterior design that challenged conventional European compact styling while staying true to the original Civic’s core values.

The result is a marriage of distinctive and sporty design, rewarding driving dynamics and versatile practicality.'

The new Civic concept car exhibited at the 2016 Paris Motor Show to myriad stunned conversations: it's a bigger car than previous Civic models, with an all-new car architecture that's 136mm longer than its predecessor, whilst enjoying a striking and low aerodynamic profile.

'We wanted to shock our customers', Tsutamori continued, 'and move them away from traditional evolutionary styling'. Shock they did, in purely positive directions.

This is a car that's built for performance, not just to drive but to exhilirate. Its athletic stylishness extends through a wide tailgate, narrow frontal grills and striking architectural lines alongside the chassis. The new Honda Civic is a car that's made to impress.

Where is the new Honda Civic made?

We're delighted that Honda chose to manufacture the new Civic right here in the UK, adding the Civic to the list of British made cars.

The Civic's production takes place in Honda of the UK Manufacturing, a factory in Swindon staffed by almost 3,500 people, where a new Civic is assembled every ninety seconds!

Traveling from the brainwaves of Honda's designers to our dealerships, each Honda Civic takes quite a journey to our customers!

What's different about the new model?

The Civic's appearance has received far more than a fresh coat of paint; life under the bonnet has equally seen wholesale evolution with the car specs now competing with the very best the roads have to offer.

The Civic launched with a choice of two powerfully turbocharged petrol engines: a 129ps 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo and a more potent 182ps1.5-litre four-cylinder option.

Both are supremely economical: the 129ps engine emits as little as 110g/km of CO2, in VED band B, whilst the latter is capable of just 133g/km, in VED band E. Honda's Katsushi Inoue stated that the company are also considering a hybrid variant of the vehicle, acknowledging that the immanent issue of emissions is something that all manufacturers 'have to think about'.

'We have that technology', Inoue continued. Keep an eye out for a hybrid Civic, coming soon!"

A new ergonomic driving position amplifies driver comfort and control, combining a lowered seating position with a higher gear stick. Meanwhile, advanced seating design provides high class support for the thighs and back, ensuring perfectly comfortable long distance drives.

The Civic project's leader Mitsuru Kariya called the tenth generation model's suspension ‘heavily revised' from former versions: an independent multilink setup at the rear (and four-stage adaptive damping on more expensive grades) means all-round smoother and more responsive journeys.

The new Civic's interior is generally far more spacious than former generations, with dramatic glass roofs providing panoramic views of each car's surroundings.

The Civic's storage provisions rank amongst the best of its class, with most models enjoying a stunning 420 litres of boot space, whilst lowering the backseats expands the Civic's capacity to an amazing 1,580 litres.

The 2017 Civics enjoy the premium benefits of Honda's market-leading Honda Sensing® suite, a series of driver-assistive technologies that dynamically optimise vehicular safety. The tech that comprises the suite includes:

• Lane Departure Warning System
• Lane Keeping Assist System
• Road Departure Mitigation System
• Adaptive Cruise Control
• Collision Mitigation Braking System
• Forward Collision Warning System

Many of the tenth generations Civics' dashboards link up to Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, enabling you to easily play your favourite tunes whilst on the go and perfect a personalised driving experience, whilst the 7" touchscreen allows drivers to call friends safely and conveniently!

Simultaneously, sophisticated climate control systems keep carriages' temperatures always just right. Though rain or snow, the Civic ensures your every drive is comfortable.

Which Honda Civic Trim Should I Get?

Honda Civic SE

Whilst it may be the entry-level Civic hatchback at the lowest price, the Honda Civic SE provides the premium driving experience that Honda are famous for providing, enjoying the 2017 Civic's high-end technology, sporty build and sixteen-inch alloy wheels.

Honda Civic SR

Have it all with the Honda Civic SR. The comfortable, high quality interior includes upgraded features that are as impressive as its performance.

Honda Civic EX

Add more luxuriousness still to your time on the move with the Honda Civic SE; leather seating, heated seats in the front and a sound system to match the very best in motoring.

Honda Civic Sport

Adapted for more bite, the Honda Civic Sport boasts stylish frontal fog lights and leather steering wheel amongst other features. Rear parking sensors and a reversing camera improve the car's dexterity and handling!

Honda Civic Sport Plus

Building on the Sport, the Honda Civic Sport Plus. enjoys additional luxuries such as heated front seats, premium 11 speaker stereo, keyless entry and push start.

Honda Civic Prestige

If you're looking to maximise the stylishness of your vehicle, the Honda Civic Prestige is the grade for you. It's a unique exterior, strikingly furnished with dramatic lines and angular bodywork. As with the Sport Plus, Prestige drivers have the benefit of a full leather interior with heated seats in the front and rear of the Civic.


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