What’s So Great About The HR-V and CR-V?

29/08/2017 09:10

What’s So Great About The HR-V and CR-V?

What’s So Great About The HR-V and CR-V?

The HR-V and CR-V are two of Honda’s award winning cars and for a good reason. Both cars offer their drivers and passengers a variety of different driving experiences, making each journey comfortable, memorable and efficient. The features for both outline the kind of person who would be best off driving them and the lifestyles they would suit - from the casual rider to the busy travelling family.

If you’re wondering what makes the HR-V and the CR-V different from each other and so special, you’ve come to the right place - as we take a look at just what each of these cars has to offer.

The HR-V

Offering 5 different models, the award winning HR-V is practical, affordable and suits a variety of lifestyles - from the busy family to the casual rider. The car comes in a variety of trims, from the daring Black Edition to the luxurious EX trim. The standard features include Idle stop and a city brake active system, keeping you from dangerous situations on the road, magic seats for the ultimate in cabin versatility and much more. The standard Bluetooth® hands-free telephone system, gives you the safety of being able to speak to your contacts - perfect for situations where keeping in touch on the go is necessary.

The S, SE and SE Navi and EX are great choices if you’re after a practical everyday car. Depending on your needs and preference, these cars will pack a powerful drive for your journeys, with two engine choices: the 129bhp 1.5 litre petrol and a 118bph 1.6 litre diesel, which is capable of up to 68.9 mpg on the combined cycle.

The range topping EX trim comes with the ideal specs to keep your journeys safe and practical. The additional of the panoramic open glass roof will give you a view both on bright summer drives and starry overnight road trips. LED headlights to accompany this on the EX model meaning that you have even more visibility on the darker nights.

The Black Edition is the dark beauty of the trims, offering you a stylish makeover from the standard kit. The Black Edition gives your drive an edge, with dynamic styling options from special edition leather upholstery to carpeting that would make you feel like you’re in a luxury vehicle for just a fraction of the cost.

The HR-V is a car that is designed to make sure you’re safe and have everything you need for your daily commutes.

The CR-V

Another 5 trim offering, the CR-V is a practical SUV that prides itself on reliability, efficiency and agility on the road. The standard kit is generous, equipping you with a 5’ inch display, climate control dual auto A/C for ultimate temperature control and for those of you who love to listen to some tunes on the road, USB and iPod inputs with a four-speaker stereo for the best possible road trip music experience. As with all models, legroom is generous but the main difference between the CR-V versus its competitors is the flat surface in the rear - meaning that it’s comfortable and safe for passengers to move about in the backseat.

Taking a step up to the S Navi and SE models will give you a little extra, with front and rear parking sensors and fog lights to help control your drive. The EX trim is perfect for the family looking to invest in an all-round practical driving experience, and for those who often find themselves travelling.

Much like the HR-V Black Edition, the CR-V lines up alongside it with its own Black Edition. The Black Edition boasts a full leather interior and satellite navigation system, as well as generous boot space. The rear seats will automatically fold to allow for 1801mm of space - enough to pack an entire family holiday luggage with space to spare.

The CR-V is a car that’s made for everyday use, but perfect for those holidays and long road trips - including an alert that will remind you to take a break if it feels like you’re getting tired. With generous boot space and fuel consumption at 62.8mpg for the 1.6-litre diesel engine, you’ll find the CR-V is the perfect investment for the long-term.

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