Please rest assured that we have found all in order with our new car and will fill
all categories in as EXCELLENT!! We have trust in you all, as always!

Please tell Barry we have found the Jazz he got for us quite the best car we have had, and we both continue to be delighted with it.
R & C Theodosius
Honda Retford

Made In Britain
Made In Britain

All built in Swindon, Wiltshire

We've been building cars in the UK for over 20 years with the engineering expertise of our 3,000 factory associates. They help make the 130,000 Jazz, CR-V and Civic cars that leave the plant every year.

  • Made In Britain CR-V Made In Britain CR-v
    • Sophisticated interior with large and with large and flexible load space.
    • High driving position with the handling of a saloon car.
    • Real-time 4WD technology provides stability in slippery conditions.
  • Made In Britain Jazz Made In Britain Jazz
    • Compact on the outside so you can park in tight spots.
    • Spacious on the inside with fold-down Magic Seats and two-tier shelves in the boot.
    • Efficient, but lively, petrol engine with low emissions.
  • Made In Britain Civic Made In Britain Civic
    • 5-door: low, centred fuel tank, leaving room for rear Magic Seats and extra load space.
    • Civic Type S: with extra-wide track for sharper turn-in and super-stable cornering.
    • Civic Type R: with 2.0 litre i-VTEC - the legendary free-revving Honda engine.